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1984 Dah Yang Toys Taiwan Battery Operated Super Skiing Penguins

Made in 1984 in Taiwan, this battery operated Super Skiing Penguin set measures about 21 inches by 10 inches when assembled.  The penguins wait in line for a trip to the top of the slope - and then randomly ski or back slide down the hill. All of this is accompanied by a squeaking noise seemingly coming from those very happy penguins.

Years ago when we saw these toys on the shelves we barely gave them a second look. After setting this one up, we can see the attraction. There is something about the order, repetition, and happy penguins that fascinates us and makes us feel like all is right with the world.

No surprise the toy was designed by TPS - Toplay - a premier toy company in Japan.

In gently played with condition with a nice box.