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Vintage Marx Japan Snappy The Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon

This rare dragon requires four D size batteries to operate all the action!

About 39 inches long, it travels with a serpentine movement with moving head and sequensial flashing lights along the upper body, It periodically stops and blows bubbles before continuing the action. All functions are working, and although the toy was not tested with bubble solution the mouth mechanism is working well with a strong stream of air.

Somewere in time Snappy lost his two whiskers and one rear leg, however based on the leg placement it does not reflect poorly on the toy. Overall the toy is in great condition with little fur age staining, and super clean battery boxes.

One of the rarest battery operated toys in the world. Not too long ago it was thought only a dozen examples survived from the 1960's production run. 

Made in Japan for Marx.