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Sally Cruikshank Make Me Psychic Animation Cel

This is an original animation cel from Make Me Psychic (1978), a short animated film by Sally Cruikshank

Image size: 6" x 9" set within a 14" x 11" double-mat. Framed.

This animation cel features two of the main characters  Anita and Snozzy. Created and photographed during the production of Sally Cruikshank's 8-minute animated film. In Make Me Psychic Anita acquires psychic powers and wreaks havoc at a wild party.

Ms. Cruikshank produced Quasi at the Quackadero, her best-known work, while serving as lead animator at Snazelle Films, a commercial film company in San Francisco, in the 1970s. Her award-winning film led her to make a second Quasi and Anita film—Make Me Psychic—followed by Face Like a Frog (1987) and Quasi's Cabaret Trailer as well as sequences for live-action movies.

Signed by Sally Cruikshank. On the back of the frame is the certificate of authenticity and label of Gallery Lainzberg, the original seller.