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Vintage ATC Japan Air Control Tower

This vintage space toy was made in Japan by ATC (Asahi Gangu Seisakusho - Asahi Toy Co., Ltd.) and is circa the 1950's - 1960's. 

About 8 inches tall, pulling the lever back and releasing it starts the planes (marked Moon, Venus, and Mars) flying rapidly around the tower as a bell chimes. 

In excellent condition and does not appear to have seen any play time but expect some minor light nicks, etc. from the factory and box storage. One of the ships has a tear in the propeller while the others remain intact. The toy is complete with the American flag which is almost always missing from this toy.

The original box is in excellent condition and the best example we have seen. Great box art depicting amusement park rides of the era. (Note that the generic box bottom is not original).

A great tin toy at a terrific price!