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Vintage Japan Tin Sales Sample Automobile

About 2.5 inches long, this tin toy automobile survived since the early 1900's with the Salesman's Sample tag still attached. Spot painted with three sample colors, and available at the time for .88 per gross. A very primitive tin sedan that is a rare piece of toy history.

"GW Co" indicates this toy was imported to the USA by the George Wagner Company. The salesmans' sample tag is in remarkable condition considering the age. Expect some aging, a corner crease, etc - please see the photos for the details.

There was a design style of cars in the mid 1930’s called the “streamlined saloon”, basically the first fastback/aerodynamic attempts at styling. A lot of different car companies tried this style. The 1935 Rover (a lot of these were produced by British car companies) is very close to this design. Some of the differences is that this toy has a split windshield and rear mounted spare, and a bit of a more round shape of the cowl where it meets the firewall. The window shapes and the radiator are a very close match.

It is not often a toy sales sample like this comes along - it is truly a piece of toy manufacturing history.