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Vintage Nomura Japan Piston Action Robot

A classic among classic robots, this Piston Robot was made in Japan by TN - Nomura - and is circa the 1950's. Based on Robby the robot from the movie classic Forbidden Planet, it works perfectly - walks forward with moving lighted pistons in the head.

About 8 inches tall and in remarkably good condition with only minor scuffs and light scratches. The remote wire is original and has some professionally repaired kinks reinforced. The short, squat nature of the design has earned this robot the nickname "Pug Robby".

The original box is excellent with some minor repaired tears. It still has the box insert as well as they batteries that traveled with the robot for many years.

Interestingly, this robot was featured in a 100 Years Of Toys video produced by - you can find it below the photographs!