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Vintage TN Japan Chap The Obedient Dog

Sold Out!

This battery operated toy was made in Japan by TN - Nomura. It works perfectly - blow the whistle near Chap and he responds by walking with shaking head and wagging tail while he barks. The cocker spaniel then stops and waits for the next command. About 13 inches tall by 13 inches long.

Chap is in great condition with little wear and he still has his original whistle. The box is in fair condition but not too many survived due to the sheer size of the box.

When made in the 1950's - this toy was on the cutting edge of technology. Up until then, a toy with transistors was unheard of - people were just getting to used to the first generation of transistor radios. Use of a 9 Volt battery in a toy was also something quite new.