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Vintage Tomy Japan Battery Operated Astro Copter Recovery Helicopter

This tin battery operated space toy was made in Japan in the 1960's by Tomiyama, and is a terrific tribute to the Mercury Space Program of the decade. It is a very large 14+ inches long and was modeled after the recovery helicopter used to pluck astronauts from the ocean after a splashdown.

All functions work well. The helicopter travels with a loud engine sound and spinning rotors - and periodically stops as the side bay door opens to reveal a tin waving astronaut! The action then repeats. Complete with flashing red engine lights from the top and rear exhaust. The action is incredible with John Glenn in his flight suit waving as the side door opens and closes.

The toy has been gently played with - expects minor scuffs/nicks, small creases in the tin rotors, and a stress crack to the engine cover (the cover remains very much intact). The battery box is super clean with professionally replaced lower tabs.  

The helicopter has great lithography throughout and it remains bright and beautiful. 

The original box is in good condition with scattered repaired tears, yet remains the best example of this box we have seen. The box art is terrific with John Glenn and the Friendship 7 being located and picked up after their historic space flight.

A very impressive toy with great action!


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