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1950's Trans Europ Express Advertising Train

The Trans Europ Express or Trans-Europe Express was the premier First Class international railway of Europe, established so that a business traveler could go from the Netherlands to Italy and back in a single day. TEE connected the railways of West Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. The train line, composed of diesel units built by Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) in 1957, was established by F.Q. den Hollander the former president-director of the Dutch Railway Company. It was an express only train that stopped in the major capitals throughout Europe.
This 1950's advertising model is about 28 inches long, made of plaster, and the weight is in the area of 25-30 pounds. About 8 inches high by 4 inches deep. The back and underside are simply finished in black as it was made to be placed in front of a flat surface. 
Given to travel agencies in Europe as an advertising piece, it is considered quite a rare find.
Due to the weight and size, please contact us for an accurate shipping quote prior to purchasing.
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